I am Vic Jones, a DevOps Engineer & Full Stack Web Developer specializing in Building and scaling WordPress sites. Outside of building and managing the web, I enjoy making music and learning / using new tech.


I’m from the far South Side (Maple Park area) of Chicago. I get a lot of questions and curious looks about my ethnicity so to those who are curious I’m African American and was born with a rare inherited condition called Albinism. This condition prevents my body from having pigmentation (color) in my hair, skin, and eyes.  One of the bigger side effects of this condition is poor vision. I am “Legally Blind” (no I’m not joking lol). I can still see I just need to be closer to things than most people.


This is a short one.. lol Graduated from Fenger HS in 2009 as valedictorian with a weight GPA of 5.0,  Went to Chicago State University for a few years Majoring in CS. Dropped out in 2014 after realizing nothing I was being taught mattered in the real world. I’m self-taught in everything that I do/know. I believe if you truly want to do something learning how to do it is a no-brainer.

Career Paths

Web Development: 2006 – present. After taking a Graphic Design class in HS and working with PS 7.. I continued with learning more about PS on my own and other Adobe creative tools that were popular at the time. I started building sites in Adobe Flash and Adobe Dreamweaver (once upon a time it was actually good). From that point on I was making simple websites and graphics for friends, family, and myself for fun. Once I start selling beats online I needed a website for my customers, and that introduced me to WordPress CMS, PHP, and jQuery, Javascript, and a lot of other things.

DevOps Engineering: 2018 – present. As a web developer there was a certain way I needed things to be built, ran, deployed, hosted, and scaled. There are many companies that offer those things but me being me I wanted to learn how these companies worked from the inside out. So I dug into the world of servers, CI, and CD. Creating things, automating things, and coming up with solutions to problems are all my strengths. Systems administration allows me to do all those things at once. I run a small WordPress solutions company AscendPress¬† LLC and there is where my skills here shine. Everything is 100% automated. I can have a fully secured development and production site built in about 3 mins flat, I’ve also created various scripts and Jenkins Jobs to allow my customers to do various server level tasks with the click of a button.

Music Production:  2005 – present. From a young age, I’ve always been drawn to music, and by 12 or 13 I started making beats. At around 20/21 I learned enough marketing (alone with my musical talent / at least I think so lol) to start selling my beats online to independence World Wide. Some may argue I introduced a lot of marketing techniques to the online beat selling space that is still being used today.

Marketing & SEO: 2011 – 2017.  I started using Google ads in 2012 to help sell my beats, outside of my own company I also helped others drive traffic to their websites. Around the same time, I started to understand and realize how important backlinks, tags, and metadata were for ranking high in SERPs. In 2013 I became a beta tester for Facebook ads. At the time very few understood or knew how powerful they were and they could / has grown to be. Back then I was running ads and paying pennies per click (good times…). After the countless Google SERPs updates and the Facebook Ads BOOM then the birth of direct / personalize marketing I move away from staying hip to the latest and great after realizing the best marketing is to just put out great content and find the right audience.